A VERY SPECIAL CONNECTION
                                                 KHALID SOHAIL
You and I
        Have a connection
                A special connection
                        A very special connection
It is not a sexual, romantic or physical connection
It is rather an emotional, spiritual and creative connection
Such a connection
        Cannot be defined
                It transcends all definitions
                        It brings out the best in both of us
As two human beings
        We are not only connected to each other
                We are also connected to other human beings
With passage of time
        More and more people are becoming aware
                Each human being is connected to the whole humanity
The way
        Each tree is connected to the jungle
                Each flower is connected to the garden
                        Each star is connected to the galaxy
                                        Each drop is connected to the ocean
It is an intimate connection
        A loving connection
                A magical connection
                        A mystical connection
                                A sacred connection
                                        A human connection
One day we will realize
        We are all
                Part of the same family
                        A human family.




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