A PEACE DREAM
                                KHALID SOHAIL

(Urdu Translation)


We are suffering

We are all suffering

We are all silently suffering

As children we experienced

Neglect and abuse in our families

Anger and resentment in our schools

Violence and war in our communities

But now we are adults

And moving from darkness into light

We are becoming aware of our suffering

Now we are realizing

We have choices

We can change

Our thinking and our lives

Our families and our communities

We can transform our breakdowns into breakthroughs

Now we can make sure

Our children and grandchildren

Have better lives than we did

They can be brought up

By nurturing and caring parents and grandparents

By empathic and compassionate teachers and principals

By wise and peaceful neighbors and elders

So that they grow up

To become

Happy and healthy, loving and wise adults

And create a peaceful world together

It is a peace dream

But we need to dream

Before our dream becomes a reality.

                                                        December 2014




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