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Domestic Violence in the South Asian Community, Causes, Effects & Remedies

Organizers and panelists
Sitting (L to R): Saba Nasir, Najma Iqbal, Talat Muinuddin, Anuja Puthran
Standing (L to R): Arif Raza, Amra Ahmad, Dr. Khalid Sohail, Najeeb Kazmi, Pervaiz Salahuddin


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Increase of domestic violence in Asian Families of Canada 

Toronto Seminar organized by FAMILY OF THE HEART and REHMA FOUNDATION.
Under the auspices of Family of the heart and Rehma Foundation a Seminar was arranged on March 23rd at the University of Toronto Hall. The topic of the Seminar was ' Domestic violence in South Asian community'.
Mr. Najib Kazmi of FOTH opened the proceedings and introduced Family of the heart to the audience. He then asked Talat Moinuddin to introduce Rehma Foundation. The program was moderated by Dr. Khalid Sohail an eminent Psychologist of Toronto.
Dr. Khalid called the experts to the stage and introduced each panel member, which included Najma Iqbal of Muslim community center, Huma Nasir a Social worker, Anuja Pathun of PAR group and Arif Raza a legal expert.
The Seminar dealt with the rising trend of domestic violence among the South Asian community of Canada. A documentary, 'Breaking the cycle' , developed in respect of the theme was shown to acquaint the audience with the topic.
After a break for refreshment the forum was opened for discussion and questions. The audience showed great appreciation of the topic and came forth with animated participation and pointed questions addressed to the panelists.
The success of the Seminar was evident from the fact that not only was it attended from people of Asian descent including Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus but a number of Canadians were present and showed much enthusiastic participation.
The participants showed considerable concern in the increasing trend of family breakups and splitting and were very appreciative that such Seminars should be hosted to keep the forum open for sharing ideas and searching means to overcome the situation. There was stress for the need to increase awareness of the problem at various levels of the society eg. the mosque, social organizations, the media and community centers etc. It was noted that more awareness is needed at the individual level to seek help of Councilors, Medical experts and  Legal advisers, etc., and that such programs will go a long way in promoting the knowledge and idea about it.
At the end Dr. Khalid Shail paid a richly deserved thanks to the organizers of the event and said it would not have been possible without the commendable efforts of Amra Ahmed and Salahuddin Pervaiz of the Family of the Heart.