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During my visit to Pakistan in February 2004, one of the disturbing social phenomena I observed was the rise of religious intolerance. more




Thank you Pervaiz Saheb for e-mailing the thought-provoking article by Sohail.  



Abrar Hasan  

Dear Khalid,

I read your impressions. They are absolutely on the spot. Your diagnosis is also accurate. it would be good to share it widely. The question is what can rectify the situation.

Regards, Abrar Hasan Paris

Syed Najeeb Kazmi

While I am quite aware of his keen desire to achieve "salvation", as speedily as possible, however, I would like to disagree with the sermonized style of rendering his ideas. While at personal level, I may agree with some of his assertions, but can never endorse his "profound effort" to establish the "finality" of what he likes to say more

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Javed Chaudry  

Dr. Sohail has listed 7 numbered items to describe various social, religious and economical ills that he has observed. The listed facts are but merely the symptoms of a major problem. more

Hasan Mirza  

I felt very much disturbed by the myopic point of view presented by Hesham Syed. This Islam of sin, good and evil has brought down Muslims to a level of present day humiliations, still they reject other human beings in one way or the other. more

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Somehow, turbans and mullahs scare him more than Pat Robertson's 700 Club and yarmulke-clad settlers more


Sabe AhsanYour description of the breakdown of Pakistani Muslims into intolerant sects is both accurate and inaccurate, at the same time. You are also correct to point out US foreign policy as a key direct source for this situation. You do not mention    more 

Amra Ahmed

I certainly agree with Dr.Sohail that religious intolerance and violence are rising in Pakistani society. I think our public education system has an important role in rising religious intolerance and violence in Pakistani society.


Askari Naqvi

Dear Mr. Ahsan,

Your groundless assumption for my religious denomination based on my name which I had no control over, hence, nothing to do) and your uncalled-for interest in my personal religious views reflect the kind of ideological isolation and narrowness typical Muslims of 21st century are unfortunately going through. more 

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I would like to suggest to those of you who consider Dr. Sohail to be “godless”, “anti-religion”, and “pseudo-intellectual”, to ponder on a few points regarding religion in general and Dr. Sohail in particular. more 


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